Our vision

RHEDI envisions a world where both abortion and contraceptive care are provided within family medicine, and every person can receive patient-centered, full-spectrum reproductive health care without barriers.

Family physicians provide comprehensive health care across the lifecycle and are well-positioned to help provide this care.

Reproductive health care – including contraception, pregnancy options counseling, and abortion care – is an integral and routine aspect of family medicine. Family medicine departments provide education in these areas but the extent of training, particularly in abortion care, varies among medical schools and residency programs.

Our mission is two-fold

  • Integrate high quality, patient-centered abortion and contraceptive training and services into U.S. family medicine residencies using a reproductive justice framework.
  • Mainstream abortion care provision within family medicine.

Our values

RHEDI is committed to:

  • Demonstrating respect and trust for women’s, and every person’s, autonomy and choice.
  • Preserving and promoting safe and accessible abortion and contraceptive services that are free of judgment, stigma, and financial
 and legal barriers, regardless of location.
  • Understanding and challenging social inequities.
  • Exploring and valuing the intersectionality and complexity of all people’s reproductive histories and experiences.